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Why you always accept medical treatment after a collision

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2020 | Uncategorized |

If you frequently navigate Maryland highways, you know how dangerous they can be. Especially if there’s a distracted, intoxicated or sleepy driver in your midst, your otherwise uneventful road trip can suddenly turn disastrous if another driver’s negligence or reckless behavior at the wheel causes a collision. Perhaps you were recently involved in a motor vehicle crash and still see flashes of the scene in your mind or hear the sound of screeching brakes or the crashing sound of metal on metal. 

Motor vehicle collisions often cause intense emotional trauma. In the moments following a collision, you might feel shocked, frightened and upset. If you don’t believe you have suffered any broken bones or life-threatening injuries, you might be tempted to go straight home after police have concluded their preliminary investigation of the crash. It’s always best to seek immediate medical treatment, even if you are coherent and there are no visible signs of injury. 

Emergency room doctors are trained to examine collision 

Not all injuries are immediately apparent after a motor vehicle collision. In fact, you could have an internal injury or brain trauma and not be aware of it right away. This is one of many reasons it’s best to allow licensed emergency room physicians to conduct a physical examination and ask you questions about the collision to determine if they should do further testing to rule out potentially serious injuries. 

Such physicians are trained to recognize signs of concussion, for instance, which may include changes in the pupils of your eyes or slight hesitation or “fogginess” when you try to answer simple questions such as what your name is or how to recite the alphabet. Also, if you are having discomfort in your back, head, abdomen or elsewhere, the attending doctor might determine it best to do an x-ray or CT scan for a more comprehensive assessment of your condition. 

An ER exam might reveal these injuries

Just before another car collided with yours, you might have instinctively gripped your steering wheel tightly to brace yourself for the impact. This can result in injuries to your hands, wrists or forearms that you may not be immediately aware of in the moments after the crash. 

If you have bleeding on the brain or your spleen is danger of rupturing, the x-rays and scans an ER physician can order will help identify the injuries in a timely manner. Lack of proper medical treatment after a collision places you at risk for an internal injury to get much worse, perhaps even turning into a life-threatening situation. 

Tap into local support resources during recovery

Your medical team can be the cornerstone of a strong support network as you recover from a Maryland motor vehicle collision. In addition to immediate medical treatment after a crash, you can return to the hospital or call your primary care physician if new symptoms develop or your injuries don’t seem to be healing as expected. 

If you have suffered internal injuries, broken bones, sprains or other severe injuries, you may also need physical therapy or assistance from friends and family to help you get well. Many recovering accident victims also enlist support from personal injury attorneys who can help them seek financial recovery for their losses against those deemed responsible for damages.


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