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Beware of distracted drivers on Maryland roads

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2020 | Uncategorized |

When you get behind the wheel to drive, you’re obligated to adhere to Maryland safety regulations and traffic laws. If you are negligent and cause a collision because of it, you may be accountable if someone suffers injuries in the crash. Always remember that the reverse is also true. There are many distracted drivers on Maryland roadways, and they place you at great risk for injury.

No matter how stellar your own driving habits happen to be, you can’t predict what another driver might do at any given moment. You can stop at all the stop signs and red lights, as well as never exceed posted speed limits or fail to yield rights-of-way at intersections. However, if a nearby driver isn’t cautious at the wheel, you might be the one who suffers injury because of his or her negligence.

Distraction issues that often lead to collision

There are times when you’re driving that you may be able to sense potential danger on the road. For instance, if it’s raining or snowing, you logically assume that road conditions are a compromise, requiring extra caution. You might also notice a vehicle weaving in and out of its lane, which might suggest driver impairment.

Even if you sense danger, however, there’s no guarantee you’d be able to safely and swiftly react in time to avert collision if a distracted driver heads your way. People who use cell phones while driving, eat or drink behind the wheel, or take their eyes off the road to look at billboards or roadside scenery are menaces to all motorists, passengers and pedestrians in their vicinities.

Cognitive, visual and manual distractions

Most driving distractions fall into one of these categories. If a driver near you is eating a hamburger behind the wheel, he or she is definitely dealing with a manual distraction but may also be dealing with a cognitive distraction as well. What if you are entering an intersection when another driver is daydreaming and fails to stop at a red light? The results can be disastrous.

Post-crash investigators often say distracted drivers tell them they never even saw the other car or pedestrian in the roadway moments before the collision occurred. This is usually because they had lost their train of thought.

What to do if a collision occurs that causes you injury

The sudden impact of a motor vehicle collision can occur with such force that your head hits the dashboard, or your upper body violently jars in a forward/backward motion. You can suffer severe or even life-threatening injuries that not only require immediate medical attention but may have life-altering consequences.

If a Maryland distracted driver hits you, you have a right to seek compensation for damages in a civil court.


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