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Reasons why dogs lash out at humans and bite them

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2020 | Personal Injury |

It seems everywhere you go; someone owns a dog. Unfortunately, not all pet owners follow standard safety protocols to keep their canines from getting loose and biting others. Dogs generally bite people when they feel scared or threatened. It can be helpful for you to know this and other reasons dogs lash out at others.

Biting is a defense mechanism that dogs use to protect their territory. If a dog becomes startled or someone approaches it from behind, then it may provoke them to bite the instigator of such acts suddenly. Even if you’re playing, running away from your dog may trigger a predatory response in them. They may bite you as a result.

Stressful situations tend to cause dogs to bite. Some dogs do not like loud noises. If an owner abandons or abuses a dog, then its behavior is likely to be unstable. A dog that is injured or ill may lash out violently.

It’s essential to understand a dog’s body language because it may be a warning sign they’re about to bite. If a dog begins growling, has raised fur, a rigid posture or a rapidly wagging tail, then these are all signs that it may be on the verge of an attack.

Dog owners are responsible for taking steps to keep their dogs from biting others. They must have their canine companions undergo basic training on proper behavior. Owners must properly socialize their dogs around people such as children, the disabled and older individuals. They must exhibit a calm demeanor. They need to learn not to behave unpredictably due to loud noises, large machines or other dogs’ presence.

If a dog has bitten you, then you may be entitled to monetary damages for medical costs and other related expenses. Proving owner negligence in such cases isn’t easy. A personal injury attorney can evaluate the circumstances surrounding your Prince George’s County incident and advise you of the best legal remedy that Maryland law may allow you to pursue in your case.


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