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You need to know for Maryland’s driving points system works

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

Having points on your driver’s license can ultimately lead to it getting suspended or even revoked. You’ll accumulate points on your Maryland driver’s license if you end up getting convicted or pleading guilty to a moving violation.

Maryland driver’s license points accumulate for two years.

If you add up three to four points, you will be issued a warning letter by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). You will be required to enroll in a Driver Improvement Program (DIP) if you amass five to seven points. A suspension of your license may occur if you end up with eight to 11 points. It may get revoked if you earn 12 or more points within two years.

Many common citations will lead you down the path of points tallying against your license, including failing to stop at a red light or stop sign, not using a turn signal, making an unsafe lane change, turning in a no turn lane and speeding tickets.

You may receive more points against your license if you drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, unlawfully use your driver’s license or allow someone to borrow it.

There are ways to reduce points on your license, depending on the amount of time that’s passed since your conviction and your previous driving record. If you’ve never had your license suspended, revoked or any prior moving violations, then the state will expunge your record 31 days after your most recent traffic violation conviction.

Those individuals who receive a moving violation will have to wait three years for such an offense to get expunged from their record. You can’t have a previous moving violation or a suspended or revoked license before this happens.

Anyone with a previous license suspension may have to wait five years to have a clean record. Motorists with multiple license suspensions and revocation will have to wait ten years for the same to occur.

You’re ineligible to have your record expunged if you have any current license suspensions, especially if one of them is alcohol-related or associated with a fatal accident.

Driving is a necessity for many. You’re facing possible suspension or revocation of your Maryland license for every additional point that you accumulate. A criminal defense attorney who is keen on fighting to get charges dismissed or reduced is who you’ll want to advocate for you in your Prince George’s County case.


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