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How common is it for doctors to misdiagnose patients?

On Behalf of | May 8, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Doctors are human, and they’re not perfect. They often make mistakes that are life-altering or deadly. You may be able to sue your doctor for negligence if they’ve misdiagnosed you.

As many as 12 million patients are diagnosed with the wrong medical condition each year here in the United States. An estimated 100,000 patients lose their lives annually due to this. Women and minorities have as much as a 33% higher chance of being misdiagnosed than any other population.

If you’re familiar with various medical shows on television, then you know that medical errors are quite common. Patients come in with various symptoms. Doctors don’t exactly know what the underlying issue is. They start running tests.

There are instances in which they don’t get back conclusive results. They may neglect to ask the right questions and confuse your condition with another one that produces similar symptoms.

Your doctor’s confidence may grow if they prescribe you certain medications, and you respond well to them. They may assume that their diagnosis was on point when it wasn’t.

A doctor who gives their patient the wrong medication puts their life in danger. They may be allergic to the prescription drug or be given too much of it. The patient may find themself in a worse condition than the one that they were in initially when they arrived at the hospital in such instances.

Doctors are often quick to hide behind a medical procedure when an error occurs. They often defend themselves by saying that a patient should have known that there were risks associated with undergoing a certain medical treatment. Doctors will often reiterate that results were not guaranteed.

There is a difference between a patient dying on the operating table due to unforeseen complications and a person coming in for a headache and ending up with their leg amputated though.

If you have been the victim of a medical misdiagnosis, then you may be entitled to medical reimbursement, compensation for pain and suffering and also your lost wages. Doctors and hospitals have attorneys diligently working to protect their interests. You should too.

Maryland hospitals have an entire staff of lawyers ready to fight any lawsuit levied against them. Don’t go into battle versus a Prince George’s County hospital alone. Have a personal injury attorney advocate for you.


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