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How Maryland parents can keep stress to a minimum in divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2020 | Uncategorized |

There is no way you could have predicted that your marriage would not last a lifetime. While you may be able to relate to someone in your family or a close friend in Maryland who has gone through divorce in the past, the issues that led to your decision to move in life in a separate direction from your spouse are unique. No two marriages are exactly the same; the same goes for divorce.

As a parent, your top priority is no doubt to help your children cope in as healthy and low-stress manner as possible. Divorce typically prompts some major changes in children’s lives, but it is possible to be proactive, not only to help your kids come to terms with the situation but to minimize stress between you and your ex as well.

Strategies to keep in mind

What works for you and your ex may not be an option for another pair of divorced parents, and vice versa. However, the following list includes strategies for avoiding co-parenting stress that have been helpful for many parents in Maryland and beyond:

  • You may no longer wish to be married to your co-parent, but you will always share a special bond because you have children together. Agreeing to keep their best interests in mind and to make peaceful negotiation a top priority for their sake is a good first step to take to avoid post-divorce stress.
  • Try not to let what happened in your marriage affect your co-parenting interaction. Divorce is an adult issue, and your marital problems are in the past, which is why it’s always best to focus on the present and agree to work together as a team to help your children adapt to their new lifestyle.
  • If a co-parenting conflict arises, try to remain calm and seek a fair and agreeable solution to the problem. Understanding that you and your ex may not always agree can help you avoid anxiety or fear if a conflict arises that necessitates discussion.
  • Remember that the whole family wins if you and your ex can create a peaceful co-parenting plan that provides for the needs of your children and helps you avoid confrontation. Parental conflict can definitely impede children’s ability to cope with divorce.

Just as your children need your encouragement and support as they search for a new normal in a post-divorce lifestyle, you may encounter challenges that you feel ill-equipped to handle on your own as well. This is why you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out for additional support as needed.


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