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Divorcing? Protect your parental rights to custody of the kids

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2020 | Family Law |

Prince George’s County parents who are divorcing may worry that their rights to spend time with and parent their children will be abridged in the divorce process. However, in most cases, the family law courts will do all that they can to promote a healthy relationship between the children and both of their parents.

Problems can develop when one parent intentionally tries to alienate the other parent from their children. Parental alienation is a real problem, but if the courts determine that is what is going on, it can backfire spectacularly against the parent who is manipulating the children.

In some cases, the act of attempted alienation is considered damaging enough to the children that the family law courts will award sole custody to the other parent. They have even been known to go as far as to order that even the alienating parent’s visitation with the children be supervised since they have already proven to the court their willingness to harm their children’s relationship with their other parent.

If you suspect that parental alienation could be a problem in your divorce, do not hesitate to take action. We can help you be proactive about your rights to custody of your kids when the other parent is likely to resort to dirty tricks — or already has damaged the essential parent-child relationship.

These are your children’s formative years when they are developing lifelong patterns of relating to you. Do not allow your soon-to-be ex-spouse to destroy or damage the close and loving relationship that you share with your children. Speak up and seek legal guidance to effectively fight back.


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