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Workaholics divorce more often than others

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2019 | Uncategorized |

What are currently the biggest problem issues in your marriage? If your first instinct is to say that your spouse is a workaholic, you are definitely not the only Maryland spouse struggling with this type of problem. Many marriages contain at least one spouse who works excessively to the point of contention in their relationships. Such marriages rate twice as high for divorce as couples who do not argue over too much work.

Do you often feel abandoned or neglected because your spouse focuses attention on work, even when the typical workday is over? Are you and your kids always doing things together without your spouse? These are common signs of serious relationship trouble for spouses who believe their partners are addicted to work. Like alcoholism or drug addiction, being a workaholic can ruin relationships. Maryland spouses should never hesitate to reach out for support if they’re dealing addiction problems in a marriage.

Constructive steps to take that might help

Many Maryland spouses find that setting terms for work and holding their spouses accountable helps them overcome work problems in their marriages. For instance, you might ask your spouse to avoid taking work calls after a certain time of day. You and your children can request that your spouse attend certain activities without interruption from work.

If your spouse isn’t willing to compromise, it’s a definite sign that he or she might be a workaholic. Such issues often trickle over into other areas of life, such as sparking drinking problems for either spouse or causing a decline in physical intimacy between spouses. Children, too, might feel that a workaholic parent cares more about his or her job than about them.

What to do about a workaholic problem in a marriage

Licensed marriage counselors often help couples overcome problems caused by workaholism in a marriage. Friends or family members who have gone through similar experiences can be fonts of wisdom with suggestions for how to restore peace in a marriage that has become confrontational. It can take a long time, but some couples can get their relationships back on track.

Many spouses, however, decide to divorce, and they seek legal guidance and support right away so they can protect their rights and their children’s best interests. They decide it is best to leave the past behind and move on to a new lifestyle rather than continuing to struggle with marriage problems caused by their partners’ excessive work habits.


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