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Warehouse work comes with many hazards

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Going to work is an activity that most people do almost daily. You may have a warehouse job that pays well and provides valuable benefits. Though you appreciate these aspects of your job, you likely also understand that you are at risk for suffering injuries on the job.

Of course, anyone in any profession could suffer illness or injury as a direct result of their work-related duties. However, warehouse hazards are numerous and can cause severe injury in the blink of an eye. As a result, you undoubtedly want to remain on the lookout for possible dangers.

What could cause you harm?

Because you have held your position for some time, some workplace hazards may not seem obvious to you any longer. After all, you use certain equipment daily and may have become so experienced with it that you do not consider the risks you face every time you use it. Because becoming complacent is an issue in any workplace, it is important that your employer provide periodic training and safety courses to refresh everyone’s memories on the possible dangers of warehouse work.

Some dangers that could present themselves during your daily duties include the following:

  • Improper material storage: If boxes, products and other materials are stacked too high, block walkways, rest on unsteady shelves or are otherwise improperly stored, workers could trip over items or have an object fall on them, which could cause injuries.
  • Energized equipment: You may use various energized equipment throughout your day, but it is important that the equipment is properly turned off to ensure that it will not unexpectedly restart when someone is in a position to potentially suffer injuries, such as while conducting maintenance.
  • Forklifts: Forklifts can make various aspects of warehouse work easier, but if workers are not properly trained on how to use the machine or if it is malfunctioning, injuries could result.
  • Docks: You likely have loading and unloading docks at the warehouse where you work, and dock accidents, such as a worker being pinned between a truck or a forklift and the dock, are not uncommon in these areas.

Of course, these examples are only a few of the many hazards you could face on the job.

What if you are injured?

Though you undoubtedly hope that you will never suffer injuries in a work-related accident, it is not an impossible scenario. If it does happen to you, it is important that you understand your options for seeking workers’ compensation benefits. Because this process can be difficult, it may be wise for you to enlist legal support.


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