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Criminal defense protections against drug charges

On Behalf of | May 24, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

The fact is that Maryland residents accused of committing drug crimes can face a variety of drug charges and the potentially stiff penalties and consequences that go with them. A strong criminal defense in response to drug charges is always a good idea to help possibly offset the charges, penalties and consequences the accused individual is facing as a result.

A strong criminal defense strategy can be based on a variety of factors. The best criminal defense response to criminal charges, including drug charges, is based on the unique situation and circumstances of the accused individual. Generally, a criminal defense will evaluate the facts as alleged by police and the conduct of police as well when developing a criminal defense strategy. It is of utmost importance for individuals accused of committing a crime to be aware that they have criminal defense rights and to know how to assert them.

Drug charges the accused individual may be facing can include possession charges, including possession of marijuana; marijuana sales or distribution charges; cocaine possession or manufacturing charges; charges related to drug cultivation and manufacturing; possession of illegal prescription drugs or for the alleged sale of illegal prescription drugs; illegal internet sales; charges related to operation of a methamphetamine lab or possessing methamphetamine; and interstate drug trafficking charges which can include federal charges.

Drug charges can lead to incarceration and hefty fines and the charges, penalties and consequences can potentially increase if the drug charges include trafficking or distribution charges. A strong criminal defense strategy is important for the protection of the accused individual’s rights and may potentially be able to reduce or eliminate the charges they are facing, depending on the situation, which is why accused individuals should be familiar with their criminal defense options.


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