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Sobriety checkpoints and you: What to expect

On Behalf of | May 25, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

Now that summer is fast approaching you will begin to see more sobriety checkpoints throughout Clinton and the rest of Maryland. Law enforcement officials will do their best to remove drunk drivers from the roads in an effort to make it safer for everyone else traveling to work, school or for vacation. Here’s what to expect at a DUI checkpoint so you can be prepared.

You will be required to provide all of your documents when told to drive into a checkpoint. This not only helps officers identify you but also gives them a chance to interact with you. The interaction will help them determine if you might be over the limit and driving while impaired. You should provide your vehicle registration, driver’s license and proof of auto insurance.

Officers will be on the lookout for slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, a flush face, nervousness, the smell of alcohol and more. If any of these are present the officer will likely ask you to step out of the vehicle so he or she can conduct field sobriety tests.

If you happen to fail any of the field tests issued you will be placed under arrest for suspicion of DUI. You will then be transported to the police station where you will likely need to submit a blood sample to determine your blood alcohol content level.

DUI checkpoints are a tactic used to curb drunk driving not only in Maryland but across the rest of the country. The more you know about these checkpoints the better off you will be should you be pulled into one by an officer in Clinton.


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