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Simple things can lead to prescription drug charges

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2016 | Federal Crimes |

It’s legal to have prescription drugs, as long as you hold the prescription and you obtained them in accordance with your doctor’s orders. However, you still need to know that these drugs could lead to serious charges—even felony charges—when certain situations arise. Even simple, everyday things could land you behind bars. For example:

— If you’re under the influence of certain drugs, you’re not allowed to operate a vehicle. This could go beyond your personal car or truck, extending to heavy equipment and other vehicles used for work.

— If you still have the drugs without the prescription, you could face charges. Don’t think that getting a prescription once means you can get the drugs for the rest of your life, from any source you find. The prescription can expire or may have a maximum amount of medication that can be purchased.

— Giving the drugs to another person can also lead to charges. If you are done taking them and a family member has the same issue, for example, you may be tempted to help him or her out by giving over the extra pills for free. You may also be tempted to sell them to make back the money you paid. Both things are illegal, no matter how you obtained the drugs. You could face very serious charges if caught, especially if the other person is harmed or passes away due to drug use.

Be sure you know exactly how to handle prescription drugs and what you must do to use them legally. If accused of breaking the law in Maryland, it’s wise to look into all of your legal defense options.

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