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Meth convictions can happen, even in Maryland

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2015 | Drug Charges |

Some reports say that meth is not a big problem in the state of Maryland. In fact, places every aspect of methamphetamine in the low-risk category from possession to manufacturing to abuse. This tidbit might make the few who do dally with the substance complacent, and that could turn out to be a catastrophic error in judgment.

Consider the following. If such activities are indeed on the low end, certain meth-associated behaviors could stand out. In turn, the local authorities might easily catch on to any activity involving the substance. Additionally, police officers are trained to spot unusual activity and have no trouble initiating an investigation.

For those who might only occasionally use the substance, this likely would not present too high a risk. However, those who routinely engage in meth-related activities such as heavy use, manufacturing or selling, could soon end up in hot water.

Whether facing misdemeanor or felony charges for meth crimes, a conviction would have a long-lasting effect on the fabric of a defendant’s life. The possible penalties range from costly fines to length jail terms, but it is the ripple effect associated with drug crime convictions that may cause the most damage to a defendant’s life. This includes a criminal record that will follow a person for the rest of one’s life as well as the more immediate impact on familial relationships and one’s reputation.

Instead of simply hoping for a positive outcome, it is crucial to take immediate action following an arrest involving methamphetamine. Working with a criminal defense attorney can greatly increase the chance of avoiding a conviction altogether and preserving one’s comfortable lifestyle.


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