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Fighting theft charges in the Prince Georges County area

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2015 | Criminal Defense |

Theft, burglary or larceny charges can involve comparatively minor shoplifting incidents to big business corporate stealing or trafficking stolen goods. It is probably safe to say most people charged with theft in the Clinton or Dunkirk area of Maryland fall somewhere in between the two extremes previously mentioned. However, any charge of theft or burglary is still a serious incident and could pose real threats to a person’s future if not dealt with.

Some of the ways theft convictions make a long-lasting impact is by imposing lengthy jail terms and by adversely affecting a resident’s ability to get a job. Of course, a conviction can affect things like finances, family and community reputation as well. Common examples of what constitutes theft include:

— Shoplifting– Not paying for services received– Employee theft– Possessing stolen property– Not returning found property to the rightful owner

The penalties for theft convictions vary according to the severity of the alleged crime, but when burglary is involved, it is typically prosecuted as a felony. This is because burglary is usually associated with breaking into or unlawfully entering a home or other kind of premises.

If you are facing charges of theft, you will need to acquire legal assistance as soon as possible to beat the charges or at least have them reduced. Regardless of whether you became involved in an alleged crime unknowingly or whether you simply made a mistake, a defense attorney familiar with Maryland courts is the best qualified person to advocate for you and help you fight the charges. Please take a look at our detailed webpages to see if your situation needs an attorney’s attention.


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