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Maryland man charged in global pornography ring

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2014 | Federal Crimes |

A man engaging in a sexually abusive behavior with minors was arrested and sentenced in Broward County.

The 79-year-old man from Oakland Park allegedly had engaged in a global organization of Internet pedophiles who filmed graphic depictions of sex acts with children. The group reportedly engaged in the trafficking of online child pornography.

The 79-year-old had previous charges for sexual abuse of children in the 1970’s, and served time in prison. He admitted he had participated in the production of child pornography.

The prosecution claimed the man had subjected an adolescent male to sexual abuse over a six month period seven years ago in Maryland. The man and his partner allegedly repeatedly abused the same child which they recorded and photographed.

The case took on international proportions as the man and his partner had lived together in Australia, but were charged and prosecuted in the US where the evidence was discovered.

Court documents indicated the pair had paid for an infant on the black market for the express purpose of sexual assault. He allegedly was abused when he was less than two years old. The child has since been removed and is undergoing appropriate care.

The US Postal Service Inspection Service executed a raid on the 79-year-old’s home and discovered he had been involved in an online child pornography ring. He reportedly traveled extensively engaging in sex acts with underage minors.

Bound and shackled in the courtroom, he expressed remorse over his actions. The judge sentenced him to 15 years in jail. Terms for release included undergoing psychological treatment, close supervision and registration as a sex offender. According to his attorney, the man has committed to proving his remorse by helping to track down other sex offenders involved in the online pedophile group.

Many individuals charged with sex crimes understand the severe nature of their behavior and see the error of their ways. While criminal charges in Maryland and elsewhere are terrible acts, people deserve the opportunity to get the help they need and rehabilitate themselves, seeking treatment and being willing to accept the consequences to pay their debt to society. It is these individuals who need the knowledge and expertise of a criminal defense team who can work tirelessly to obtain the best possible outcome for their actions.

Source: The Sun Sentinel, “Broward man sentenced for role in international child porn ring” Paula McMahon, Jul. 17, 2014


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