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Maryland seeks federal charges against iconic prizefighter

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2014 | Criminal Defense |

Maryland, as well as other states, loves a good Hollywood movie. Nothing fascinates the American public more than a movie based on a real-life story.

Denzel Washington, a popular African-American actor and Oscar winner, portrayed Nelson “Hurricane” Carter, in a movie depicting the false conviction and incarceration of the boxer’s 1976 alleged murder of three individuals in a New Jersey bar.

The FBI recently took part in an investigation which attempted to put the boxer back in jail due to his reported physical assault on a female friend. Although the bureau is normally an agency focusing on federal crimes, they acted in tandem with a Maryland task force to provide new evidence against the former middleweight fighter.

The “Hurricane” had just gotten out of jail after advocates prevailed to prove his innocence in the previous murders. A former sparring partner of the boxer, and a retired police officer, issued a statement expressing the inevitability of a continuing federal attack on the “Hurricane.”

Carter, who died in April, was a suspect in the beating of a female companion, who had been instrumental in her role as the head of the Carter Defense Fund.

The Baltimore FBI was hard-pressed to succeed in their mission to convince the masses of his guilt due to wide media appeal and support from stars and famous boxers.

The female companion claimed the former middleweight fighter had attacked her in a Maryland hotel room while Carter was waiting to watch Ali’s fight against Jimmy Young at the Capital Center. In spite of previous support, public opinion began to sway in light of new evidence of the alleged charges.

Regardless of celebrity status, allegations of physical abuse are serious offenses. If you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony, or are under investigation, public opinion will not serve your interests the way a seasoned professional and advocate can. It is your constitutional right to have a fair trial in the Maryland legal system. If you are facing criminal charges, the best option for you is to get appropriate and seasoned assistance from someone who can present your best interests in the case against you.

Source: New York Daily News, “EXCLUSIVE: New Jersey officials asked for FBI’s help to put Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter back in jail after murder conviction reversal” Larry McShane, Jun. 08, 2014


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