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Maryland man faces drug charges

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2013 | Drug Charges |

A Preston man was arrested earlier this month and immediately had his name printed in the news articles about the event. He was pulled over for speeding when the police officer became suspicious of an odor coming from the man’s vehicle. Already under suspicion of being intoxicated, the police also found a small amount of what they believe to be marijuana in the car. The man is now facing drug possession charges, as well as DWI and speeding charges.

Facing charges does not automatically make the accused person guilty. There are many factors that go into an arrest, and as we have seen, sometimes the data is skewed. Last year in Massachusetts, a lab technician was found to have been tampering with samples, leading to numerous false positives for narcotics – which led to false convictions and false imprisonments. Even on a smaller scale, just the allegations of drug charges can have serious effects on the accused’s life. Employment, for example, may be terminated if the employer feels that the charges would be detrimental to their business. The stigma of drug charges or convictions can be severe and follow a person, even without the legal and criminal aspects.

We often see the names of the accused printed in the reports of the arrests, even without the due process of a court. Though the assumption is ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ the scrutiny of drug charges can have negative consequences for the accused. The added pressures of the court process and any legal penalties can be additional challenges. An experienced criminal law attorney can provide advice and protect the rights of the accused.

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