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What to do after suffering a soft tissue injury

This blog recently discussed the different types of injuries car accident victims can suffer. This post will take a closer look at one type of car accident injury victims may suffer that can result in serious harm to victims. Victims of car accidents may suffer soft tissue injuries that can worsen over time and impact the lives of car accident victims long after a car accident.

Car accidents occur on a daily basis resulting in serious injuries and harm to victims. One type of injury that is unfortunately common in a car accident is the category of injuries referred to as soft tissue injuries. The most common type of soft tissue injury is a whiplash injury which many people have heard of but many may not realize how serious whiplash and soft tissue injuries are.

Legal help for victims of brain and other car accident injuries

Car accidents can cause a variety of serious injuries for victims that are unexpected and victims may face unexpected physical, financial and emotional challenges as a result. Because of the serious impact car accident injuries can have on victims, which may prevent them from working or enjoying everyday activities, it is essential for them to be familiar with personal injury protections.

Victims of car accidents may suffer catastrophic injuries including brain injuries, spinal cord injuries or paralysis. Car accident victims can also suffer debilitating injuries that result in disability. Serious and catastrophic injuries victims may suffer include traumatic brain injuries; fractured vertebrae; skull fractures; nerve or muscle injuries to the back; slipped, bulging or ruptured disks; and spinal cord damage or paralysis.

Legal remedies for victims of medical malpractice

Failed or erroneous diagnosis or treatment can result in the victim receiving a lack of treatment or the wrong treatment and either circumstance can be devastating for victims and their families. A failure to diagnose is one type of medical malpractice for which personal injury remedies may be available to victims who have suffered harm.

Medical malpractice occurs when a medical care provider fails to provide medical care or treatment that meets the standard of care and results in harm to the victim. In circumstances when the medical malpractice has resulted in disease progression beyond what would have been expected had the disease been timely diagnosed and properly treated, a negligent medical care provider may be liable to victims and their families. In addition, in some circumstances, an erroneous diagnosis, delayed diagnosis or failure to diagnose may result in the victim receiving treatment they do not need.

How to help children cope with a parent moving out

Divorce can be a stressful process for the whole family. However, young children often have a limited understanding of what divorce is, so some of the changes caused by divorce can be shocking and traumatic for them. Often, one of the most difficult parts of divorce for children is when a parent moves out of the marital home. However, there are actions you can take to help ease the transition.

Tell your child ahead of time

Responding legally to negligence-linked medical error

Lives “turned upside down due to the negligence of others.”

That dire result is often the direct consequence of substandard medical care delivery. Indeed, material mistakes committed by doctors, nurses, lab techs, pharmacists and other health care principals routinely spur catastrophic outcomes for victims and their loved ones in Maryland and across the country.

How safe is Maryland for bicyclists?

Bicycling is a fun recreation, whether you use it to get to and from work or during your leisure time. You have a certain expectation for safety when you get on the road.

For Maryland cyclists, safety is a somewhat fair expectation. The League of American Bicyclists ranks all 50 states based on bicycle safety, and as of the most recent report card from 2017, Maryland ranked No. 11.

You must have a legally valid reason to divorce

If you decided that it is probably best to end your marriage, you must consider what ground for divorce applies to your situation. Grounds are legally accepted reasons for divorce. A divorce will only be granted if you are seeking it for a legally valid reason and your case meets the requirements for that ground. 

Maryland recognizes both no fault and fault grounds for divorce. Fault grounds require proof that your spouse acted in a certain way, and can be considered by a court when determining if alimony may be awarded. If the fault ground can be considered harmful to your children, it may also be considered when determining child custody.

Distracted driving is still a danger on Maryland roads

Distracted driving can be a danger to everyone on the road. In 2017, distracted drivers were involved in over 56,000 crashes in Maryland, according to the state's department of transportation. Many of these crashes caused property damage, severe injuries and deaths.

Cell phones are one of the most common distractions drivers in Maryland face. However, it is only legal for a driver to use a phone if he or she has a hands-free device. Maryland law also prohibits texting while driving.

Maryland looks to expand penalties for hate crimes

Legislators in Maryland are taking a renewed interest in hate crimes. The state's House Judiciary Committee is even considering a bill that would redefine what would constitute a hate crime and what kind of penalties someone might face.

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