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Distracted driving is still a danger on Maryland roads

Distracted driving can be a danger to everyone on the road. In 2017, distracted drivers were involved in over 56,000 crashes in Maryland, according to the state's department of transportation. Many of these crashes caused property damage, severe injuries and deaths.

Cell phones are one of the most common distractions drivers in Maryland face. However, it is only legal for a driver to use a phone if he or she has a hands-free device. Maryland law also prohibits texting while driving.

Maryland looks to expand penalties for hate crimes

Legislators in Maryland are taking a renewed interest in hate crimes. The state's House Judiciary Committee is even considering a bill that would redefine what would constitute a hate crime and what kind of penalties someone might face.

How drug addiction leads to other crimes

There is a clear link between addiction and actual drug crimes, and the understanding of this link in the courts is growing all the time. It's not hard to argue that a person who gets arrested for illegal drugs may have a better chance of ceasing that criminal activity with rehabilitation and treatment than they would with jail time or fines. After all, it is the addiction that causes them to break the law.

Serving the Community for More Than 45 Years 2 charged in shooting death in Prince George's County

Two Southeast Washington residents are facing murder charges in a shooting that left a Prince George's County man dead. The 31-year-old man was shot Friday, Dec. 28, at approximately 11:35 a.m., police report.

Prince George's County's Re-Entry Court can reduce your sentence

The probation officer for a 37-year-old defendant had approved for him to take a trip to Florida in anticipation of him moving there. He just had to take a drug test before heading out of town.

A family member had died and anyone that could give him a ride to the office was at the funeral. He missed his drug test. When he did, he put his trip and graduation from re-entry court on the line.

What exactly is the 10/10 rule?

If you are in the military and are contemplating a divorce, you may have heard of the 10/10 rule. There are many misconceptions about this rule. Some people believe that it entitles spouses to 50 percent of a military member's pay. Others think that it gives the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) the right to seize spousal support from a military member. Both of these are falsehoods. Here, we will discuss the 10/10 rule and how it applies to military divorces. 

You can be under the legal limit and get a DUI

The police pull you over and give you a breath test. You know you've been drinking, so you're relieved when you blow a .07 percent. That's under the legal limit of .08 percent, so now you get to go home, right?

Not quite. You can absolutely get a DUI even though you did not break the legal limit of .08 percent. Don't think that simply "passing" the test means there are no ramifications.

Reducing drug charges by becoming a confidential informant

If you have been found to be in the possession of drugs, or you are assumed to have been trafficking drugs in the state of Maryland, you will be facing some serious charges. These charges could have the potential to affect the rest of your life; therefore, it is vital that you do what you can in order to reduce them.

Law enforcement has the primary goal of reducing illegal activity in relation to drug use, drug manufacture and drug trafficking. Therefore, they place a high emphasis on trying to gain more information about the activities that are going on in the state, as well as in the United States and beyond.

A Forest Heights man allegedly shot, killed a motorist post-crash

A Prince George's County police spokesperson announced on Nov. 29 that they'd arrested a 37-year-old Forest Heights man whom they believe is responsible for killing a 31-year-old man from Oxon Hill. The defendant now is being held on both first- and second-degree murder charges for shooting the man after a minor traffic crash.

The decedent's mom grew concerned on Nov. 24 when she didn't receive her daily phone call from her son this past Sunday. She knew that he'd agreed to pick up a friend from a nightclub on Saturday evening to make sure that they got home safely.

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