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Was your child caught with "study drugs?"

Toward the end of high school and the beginning of college, many students begin to feel more pressure to perform well academically. The competition to succeed can escalate, and your child may react to these pressures by using "study drugs."

These drugs supposedly enhance academic performance, but all they really do is allow your child to study for a longer period of time. They don't improve cognitive ability, but they often lead to an addiction. If your child is caught with them, he or she could face criminal charges for possession, but other dangers of using study drugs could put your child's life in jeopardy.

How should you care for your child after a car crash?

There is a steep learning curve when you become a new parent. One thing that moms and dads have to learn is how to properly secure their child's car seat and son or daughter in their vehicle. This equipment is supposed to keep children safe if their parents are involved in a crash. Accidents happen though. Your newborn or very young child may be too small to verbalize if anything hurts if they're involved in a crash. There are some steps that you should take after an accident to make sure that they're okay.

You should always summons police and paramedics to the scene of the crash to document what happened and to check you out.

Do you understand your right to remain silent?

Many people go the majority of their lives without having much interaction with police officers. Still, law enforcement could stop anyone's vehicle, question their activities when something suspicious occurs or generally look for information from them. As a result, it is always wise to understand your legal rights.

One of the most important rights you, other Maryland residents and everyone across the country has is to remain silent. Though everyone has this right afforded to them, far too many do not fully understand when they can invoke this right. You may be among the numerous people who think that you have to answer a police officer's questions.

A Baltimore man is sentenced to 60 years for drug offenses

A 31-year-old Baltimore man was sentenced to 60 years in prison after being convicted of several drug crimes on Jan. 21.

Anne Arundel County Police Department reports show that officers noticed an improperly parked vehicle while patrolling the Pasadena area around 7900 Liberty Circle on May 22. Officers approached the car and noticed the defendant sitting in the driver's seat. The responding officers requested that the man turn off his vehicle, but he didn't comply. It's then that they removed him from the car.

Can you help your child avoid peer pressure to drink?

As a parent, you understand that peer pressure could affect your child at any age. Now that your child is in his or her late teens, attending college, probably going to parties, and generally hanging out with friends and socializing more often, you know that you cannot monitor every move your child makes.

Still, you want to do your best to prepare your child for the possibility of peer pressure to drink or participate in other activities. After all, he or she is not yet of legal drinking age, and you know that a simple error in judgment could have lasting effects, such as facing criminal charges for underage drinking or DUI.

What are the child custody laws in Maryland?

For many married couples, starting a family is a very important life event. Much like couples do not anticipate divorce when they get married, parents do not foresee their family being split up due to divorce. Unfortunately, this is a reality faced by many families in Maryland and elsewhere. While this means addressing a wide range of divorce issues, it also means navigating child custody. For some, this is a fairly easy and straightforward arrangement to establish; however, this can also be a contentious and high conflict issue for others.

What are the child custody laws in Maryland? Much like other states, separating parents in Maryland could seek joint custody. This allows each parent legal rights to make important decisions regarding the child's life. Additionally, parents could seek joint physical custody, which means that the child lives equally with both parents. It is also possible to see other arrangements, such as one parent having legal custody and physical custody, which is often referred to as sole custody.

When not to file for uncontested divorce

If you're one of many Maryland spouses who have been considering filing for divorce in 2020, you may also be wondering which option would be most viable in your situation. Unless you have a legal background in family law, you may not be particularly familiar with various divorce-related legal terms, such as uncontested, contested, mediation, collaborative law and more.

Perhaps, all you know at this point is that you want to leave the past behind and move on in life in as safe, healthy and low-stress fashion as possible. Like most Maryland parents, you're no doubt also concerned about your children's well-being as well as your own finances, especially because you know that being a single parent will be a lot different than living in a dual income household.

Maryland lawmaker facing bribery and fraud charges

Facing allegations of a crime could significantly impact the personal and professional life of the accused. Whether it is a minor crime or a serious felony, having a crime attached to one's name can make it challenging to live a normal life no matter if one is a public figure or an average citizen. This is why it is imperative for those facing criminal charges to consider the criminal defense options available to them.

According to recent reports, a Maryland lawmaker was charged with federal bribery and wire fraud. These charges stem from allegations that she took bribes to push for legislation in the state that would benefit marijuana companies as well as other companies in the region.

Be wary of this secondary condition to a spinal cord injury

If you were in an accident in which you suffered a spinal cord injury, you face either a significant recovery period or adjustments to a new way of life. Even if your prognosis is that you will achieve as close to a full recovery as possible, it could take months.

Depending on the location of your spinal cord injury, you could experience a number of secondary conditions that arise due to the disruptions in the messages from your body to your brain and from your brain to your body. Doctors consider some of them as life-threatening medical emergencies, but this article will only focus on one.

DUI checkpoints: It's just that time of year

The holiday season is quickly coming to a close, but that isn't stopping police in Maryland from staying on the lookout for drunk or otherwise impaired drivers. DUI checkpoints have already taken place in Prince George's County and more are likely to follow. The goal is to keep residents and visitors to the area safe.

If you plan to spend the rest of your holidays out on the town, you may want to prepare yourself in the event police stop you at one of these checkpoints. Do you know how they work? Do you know your rights?

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