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8 reasons why your doctor made a mistake

Anyone who heads to a Maryland hospital for surgery or treatment for an accident or illness may already be feeling some stress and anxiety over what is ahead. Even if your doctor has scheduled you for an outpatient procedure with minimal risks, you may still have concerns. After all, you are placing your body and your well-being in the hands of someone you barely know. Any medical procedure requires tremendous trust.

While you may not be able to express exactly what worries you, it is possible that your fear is that something could go wrong. This fear is not entirely unfounded since recent reports show that medical errors are among the most common causes of death in the U.S.

Divorcing? Protect your parental rights to custody of the kids

Prince George's County parents who are divorcing may worry that their rights to spend time with and parent their children will be abridged in the divorce process. However, in most cases, the family law courts will do all that they can to promote a healthy relationship between the children and both of their parents.

Problems can develop when one parent intentionally tries to alienate the other parent from their children. Parental alienation is a real problem, but if the courts determine that is what is going on, it can backfire spectacularly against the parent who is manipulating the children.

How Maryland parents can keep stress to a minimum in divorce

There is no way you could have predicted that your marriage would not last a lifetime. While you may be able to relate to someone in your family or a close friend in Maryland who has gone through divorce in the past, the issues that led to your decision to move in life in a separate direction from your spouse are unique. No two marriages are exactly the same; the same goes for divorce.

As a parent, your top priority is no doubt to help your children cope in as healthy and low-stress manner as possible. Divorce typically prompts some major changes in children's lives, but it is possible to be proactive, not only to help your kids come to terms with the situation but to minimize stress between you and your ex as well.

Burglary charges have to be addressed head-on in Maryland

When most individuals think of the crime of burglary, they envision an individual entering into someone else's home without their consent and stealing something. Maryland's laws don't require an individual to take something to be charged with this crime though. There are four different degrees of offenses that a defendant can be charged with depending on whether they steal something, what that item is worth and whether the offense is committed in conjunction with another crime.

A fourth-degree burglary charge is the most minor of all related offenses in Maryland. It's a misdemeanor. It's generally what individuals are charged with if they commit a single burglary-related offense such as committing theft while in someone else's property or breaking and entering. Anyone convicted of such a crime may be sentenced to as long as three years in state prison.

Co-parenting peacefully is good for the whole family

Child custody is one of the most complex issues that parents will have to work through when they go through a divorce. It is not easy to set aside the difficult emotions that come with ending a marriage and find a parenting plan that makes sense long-term. For many Maryland families, co-parenting is the best choice for both the adults and the children.

While this arrangement may make the most sense for your family, it does not necessarily mean that it will be easy. However, you will find that it works better when you keep your eyes on what is most important -- the best interests of your children. This will help you maintain a peaceful co-parenting relationship, even when things are hard, which is ultimately best for every member of the family. 

What happens with your property when you divorce in Maryland

If you're getting divorced, then you're probably concerned about what's going to happen with your property once that happens. Maryland, like many other states in the country, is a jurisdiction that has an equitable distribution statute in place. This means that any marital property that the two of you share when you divorce is divided up fairly between the two of you.

There are two types of property that you or your spouse may have.

How Maryland parents can keep co-parent stress to a minimum

If you're one of many Maryland parents who are preparing to file for divorce or have recently navigated the process, helping your children cope and move on in life is undoubtedly one of your highest priorities at this time. The good news is that children are highly adaptable and resilient, especially when they have the loving support of both parents in their lives.

There's no question that divorce is stressful, and if you and your ex disagree about child-related issues, your stress level may skyrocket. It's often possible, however, to keep stress to a minimum in your co-parent relationship. There are several things to keep in mind that may be helpful in your specific situation.

Was your child caught with "study drugs?"

Toward the end of high school and the beginning of college, many students begin to feel more pressure to perform well academically. The competition to succeed can escalate, and your child may react to these pressures by using "study drugs."

These drugs supposedly enhance academic performance, but all they really do is allow your child to study for a longer period of time. They don't improve cognitive ability, but they often lead to an addiction. If your child is caught with them, he or she could face criminal charges for possession, but other dangers of using study drugs could put your child's life in jeopardy.

How should you care for your child after a car crash?

There is a steep learning curve when you become a new parent. One thing that moms and dads have to learn is how to properly secure their child's car seat and son or daughter in their vehicle. This equipment is supposed to keep children safe if their parents are involved in a crash. Accidents happen though. Your newborn or very young child may be too small to verbalize if anything hurts if they're involved in a crash. There are some steps that you should take after an accident to make sure that they're okay.

You should always summons police and paramedics to the scene of the crash to document what happened and to check you out.

Do you understand your right to remain silent?

Many people go the majority of their lives without having much interaction with police officers. Still, law enforcement could stop anyone's vehicle, question their activities when something suspicious occurs or generally look for information from them. As a result, it is always wise to understand your legal rights.

One of the most important rights you, other Maryland residents and everyone across the country has is to remain silent. Though everyone has this right afforded to them, far too many do not fully understand when they can invoke this right. You may be among the numerous people who think that you have to answer a police officer's questions.

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