How We Can Help With Workers' Compensation Claims

If you suffered an on-the-job injury, don't expect your employer to eagerly help you with Maryland workers' compensation benefits. The truth is, their insurance premiums are likely to increase with every successful claim against their workers' compensation policy. This is when you must look out for yourself. Otherwise, you will learn the hard way that many companies just look out for themselves and the bottom line.

We can help you with your workers' compensation claims. The law firm of Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr., P.A., has a long-standing history as a workers' advocate. Our attorneys in Clinton and Dunkirk understand that employers are responsible for providing safe workplaces for their employees. On-the-job injuries run the gamut, and include a slip and fall on the floor, a fall from a tall height, being trapped in machinery, burns from a chemical spill and strains from lifting. With decades of experience, we can assist you in securing the settlement that you and your family deserve.

From Start To Conclusion, We Guide You

Our firm has longtime roots in Southern Maryland. We know the people, and we know when they need our legal guidance. People who suffer on-the-job injuries deserve dedicated lawyers who will defend their rights. We are effective. You won't pay any attorney's fees unless we secure a settlement. When we work a case, we take care of everything about your workers' compensation claim. That way, you can concentrate on recovering your health. This includes:

  • Initial claims
  • Denied claims and appeals
  • Benefits extensions
  • Litigation against third parties liable for your workplace accident

We are detail-oriented and client-focused. Financial compensation is no replacement for good health. We know you may have suffered serious injuries, but a settlement can provide some peace of mind to take care of mounting medical bills.

No Attorney's Fees Until We Secure A Settlement

Are you depending on workers' compensation to help your family recover financial losses after a workplace injury? We can assist you and other Maryland workers. We are skilled, effective and results-oriented. You will not pay attorney fees unless we can help you receive the benefits. For a free consultation, contact our lawyers at 301-856-3030.