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Family Law

Divorce and Domestic Law

Handling a family law matter effectively requires more than just experience and legal know-how. It also means understanding that people going through a divorce or other emotional domestic matter need and deserve a compassionate ear.

At the law firm of Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr., P.A., we are ready to help you through your most pressing and emotional family law problem. Mike Miller directs our team of family law attorneys with a thoughtful, compassionate focus on protecting your future. Patricia McCarthy, Esq. leads our family law team and brings years of experience and knowledge to helping you through the process as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

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Contact our law firm to arrange a consultation about your divorce or other family law matter. We provide a full range of domestic law services for residents of Maryland living in the Washington, D.C., metro region.

  • Divorce
  • Child custody and child support issues
  • Spousal support, alimony
  • Property and debt division
  • Judgment modifications, divorce settlement changes
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Step parent adoption
  • Domestic violence issues

What Difference Does Your Attorney's Name Make?

Your lawyer's experience and reputation is an important part of how your proposals will be accepted by the courts. With Mike Miller's name on the door and attorney Patricia McCarthy at your side, opposing lawyers will know how serious you are about protecting your rights. Our experience provides us with valuable skills in litigating, negotiating and ensuring that our clients' interests are protected now and in the future. The attorneys at Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr., P.A., use a variety of techniques to help families through the traumatic events in their personal lives by educating them and helping them to make informed decisions.

The purpose of divorce is to dissolve a marriage, to fairly distribute marital wealth, to establish terms for child custody and visitation, and to establish any provisions for alimony or spousal support. In spite of many couples' best efforts to save their marriage through counseling, trial separation and reconciliation; approximately 2.5 million Americans are divorced every year in the United States according to the Census Bureau. Couples considering separation or divorce face the combined trauma of the break-up of their marriage, anxiety about their future and concern for their children.

While many people go through separation and the divorce process, it remains a very personal and life-altering experience. Research has shown that the stress caused by divorce is second only to the death of a spouse. Divorce is a stressful situation, but with a clear understanding of the law and your options, you can make informed decisions that offer the best chance for being satisfied with the outcome of your divorce - now and in the future.

Selecting an attorney is a highly personal matter and based on trust. Your lawyer must safeguard your rights, advise you of the potential consequences of your decisions and protect your interests. We can help you in matters where timing is crucial by giving proactive advice to prevent problems from arising, advise you on reasonable spousal and child support, and help you work harmoniously with your spouse towards an amicable divorce.

Contact our offices in Clinton to arrange a consultation with attorney Patricia McCarthy about your family law matter today.

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