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Criminal Defense

Now that you are facing criminal charges in Prince George's County or other community in the Washington, D.C., metro region, will you know where to turn for help?

The law firm of Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr., P.A., is ready to help you protect your rights and your future. Whether you have already been charged with a misdemeanor or felony, or are under investigation, don't wait to find out what the police and prosecutors have in mind. Putting the right defense lawyer at your side is a critical first step. Make sure the courts recognize the name of the lawyer that walks into the courtroom. It will make a decisive difference. Under the direction of Mike Miller, criminal defense attorney Melissa Miller delivers important experience, knowledge and highly competent legal representation that comes with the legal name Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr.

Consultation • Flat Fees Available • Credit Cards and Payment Plans

Contact our offices in Clinton, Maryland, to arrange a consultation about your criminal charges. We handle all criminal law cases on a flat fee basis. You will know what your case will cost you when you sign the retainer agreement.

Attorney Melissa Miller represents clients charged with all state misdemeanor and felony crimes in Prince George's County, and nearby communities throughout southern Maryland.

What Were You Charged With? Let Us Protect Your Rights and Your Freedom

Under the United States Criminal Legal System, crimes are generally divided into two categories — felonies and misdemeanors. The difference between the two categories is the potential punishment if convicted. A felony is the most serious of crimes and can result in the loss of your freedom and privileges, such as driving, voting, employment opportunities, etc. Jail time for felonies is quite extensive. Examples of felony crimes include murder, burglary, rape, guns, serious drug charges, fraud and certain white collar crimes.

A misdemeanor is generally not as serious as a felony charge and carries a lesser penalty. A misdemeanor may still require time in jail. Examples of misdemeanors include: writing bad checks, serious motor vehicle offenses, theft under $300, simple assault and disorderly conduct. Infractions fall into the category of misdemeanor crimes. A civil infraction is a criminal offense which may result in fines and costs being assessed against you, but there is no jail time associated with the violation. Most minor traffic tickets are considered infractions. Often you will have points added to your driver's license. Some motor vehicle offenses carry jail time, fines and points.

When It Comes to Criminal Defense, Your Lawyer's Reputation Matters

When the prosecutor sees the name of Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr. on the legal papers, they know they are dealing with a law firm that focuses on integrity and commitment. Make sure you have the right criminal defense lawyer on your side. Contact our offices in Clinton today to discuss your case.

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